Accessibility at Lucid®

We strive to conform to WAI and WCAG standards, and as a B-Corporation we feel that we must do our best to provide the top levels of service to all visitors that use our sites and services.

Our Accessibility Policy

We have implemented an internal policy for our development and design teams, this policy includes (but is not limited) to the following:

  • Working with designers and developers to address accessibility from the beginning of a project
  • Update previous projects, builds, and websites to conform to ARIA and WCAG standards as soon as possible
  • Audit our sites quarterly using both automatic-tooling as well manual review processes
  • Links should look like and act as links (responsible for site and page-to-page navigation)
  • Buttons should be used for interaction and events that happen on the same page
  • Contrast and color should conform to contrast ratios of at least 4.5:1 in compliance with WCAG 2.1+ AA standards, with exceptions in flourish and additive design elements or expression that does not diminish the intent, content, or information of the page

Offering Alternative Ways to Complete Tasks

In addition to using the internet to learn about our products and services, we also offer the following alternate service:

  • If you need help with a purchase, have encountered a problem, or have any questions, you can speak with our support team via email at

Testing standards and methods

As the internet continues to mature and better tools are developed to provide a quality experience to all users, we will continue to add new tools and methods to our testing.

Currently we use at a minimum the following standards and tools

Third-party Providers

We may use services from third-party providers that may have issues with accessibility in their services. We are doing what we can to help address this by encouraging them to implement inclusive changes that consider all users.

Accessibility and Compliance Contact

We encourage a helpful community and we welcome suggestions, comments, and collaboration efforts in extending our accessibility efforts. If you have found something, have a suggestion for improvement, or have ideas for a better experience you can contact our compliance officer by sending an email to

Last Updated on 2022/05/09